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I´m Hanna from Finland. I have two children and husband. My husband is doctor of naprapathy and that´s why my blog´s name is Naprapath´s wifey.

I have studied home economics and nutrition at the University of Helsinki. I have teached home economics, especially for those children with special needs.

I have wrote my bachelor´s and master´s thesis about bodybuilder´s and fitness athlete´s food behaviour. The purpose of my study (Master´s thesis) was to clarify how planned bodybuilder´s diets are and what characterizes their eating is in practice. Another interesting aspect was to find out whether the bodybuilders consider bodybuilding as their own lifestyle and culture. In my study, I defined as bodybuilder a person who had competed in Body fitness, Fitness, Classic bodybuilding or in Bodybuilding.

I believe in holistic approach to health. You need to treat the hole person and not only the symptoms. Mind and body works together.

I have survived skincancer althoug I had various health problems after it. Them were started after big surgery and antibiotics. At the end I had to modify my diet, because doctor´s didn´t now what to do either. Nowadays it´s glutenfree and mostly also dairyfree. We don´t use yeast and white refined sugars.



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